One Decision Away From the Life You Desire with Megan Galane | Part 1Rich In Real Life

One Decision Away From the Life You Desire with Megan Galane | Part 1

The Stranded Phase welcomes back systems and automation expert, co-founder of the Innovative Income Summit, and Jess’s best friend, Megan Galane! Tune in as the pair discuss maneuvering through their journey of business and friendship, as Megan reveals her tumultuous path in entrepreneurship. From her pandemic shut down to exploring how to show up for her audience to landing her first client, don’t miss part one of this open and honest dialogue about fear, failure, and growth.


  • Megan’s pandemic shut down
  • Respect the season you’re in
  • The challenges of being multi-passionate and multi-faceted
  • The all-or-nothing ultimatum - entrepreneurship or corporate career?
  • Megan’s transformation moment


“I did not want to be held to the same standard I was holding people to at that time. I rather had just shut up and stay in my circle.”

“There are so many people on the online space that are like yes, jump into coaching. No, figure your shit out, make a framework as an agency model, and then you can move into coaching.”


Megan Galane

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Tune in. You will leave inspired to keep pushing through whatever situation you are in. Valuable information!!

Rich In Real Life

The Stranded Podcast has great content I highly recommend to everyone. I can tell the hard work and effort Jessica puts in to provide us with these inspiring episodes. I have learn so much self development as women and would love for everyone to listen to gain all the knowledge I did with all these empowering episodes. Great Podcast! Keeping shining Jess.

Rich In Real Life

The title alone is what got me! Jessica is very much honest and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, And her guest speakers are truly an inspiration. Her podcast goes to show that self motivation is key to making it in life but also it influences the people around you.

Princess Luton
Rich In Real Life

This podcast has been life changing. So many of us have the exact same questions & want more from life & these podcasts make you feel like Jessica is speaking to you directly and speaking life into you. So thankful for her and for this podcast!

Rich In Real Life
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