No Excuses: Leap Into Entrepreneurship!The YUMMY Podcast

No Excuses: Leap Into Entrepreneurship!

Welcome to another episode of YUMMY Podcast! Crystal Khalil and Dr. Nicole LaBeach, have a fabulous guest – Attorney Saundra Davis and she brings us along her inspiring journey, from kicking off her own law firm to how she's grown personally and professionally. Saundra dishes on the power of seizing opportunities and her exciting transition into a new, more intentional phase of life. It's a heartwarming exploration of self-acceptance, personal growth, and discovering your true path.

Saundra even spills the beans on her most significant personal return on investment – finding a sense of community that was missing from her life. What's Saundra's YUMMY, you ask? A journey toward ultimate freedom and savoring every moment along the way, balancing personal enjoyment with work and professional life. Relationship, business, and personal growth? This episode will cover it all. So, get ready to be educated, inspired, and blown away with an episode that challenges the whole idea of love, boundaries, and self-worth.


- Do not let the fear of not knowing hinder your goals

- Boundaries are important when it comes to building strong relationships

- Self-awareness, meditation, and personal development are important for your growth

- Say "yes" to every opportunity that comes your way

- Self-acceptance is an important element in decision-making

- Silence can destroy relationships


"I don't think you recognize growth until you look back at where you've been." -Attorney Saundra Davis

"I'm a good attorney. I have a good firm, a good staff but I still have energy. So let's see what it would be like to kick ass for the next ten years." -Attorney Saundra Davis

"I think one of the one of the most profound things I learned about boundaries is that a lot of times we think boundaries are to keep us out of relationship with people" -Attorney Saundra Davis

"If people don't understand what success looks like in relationship with you, then how can you hold them accountable when they miss the mark?" - Crystal Khalil

"Problem is a deviation from the standard." -Dr. Nicole Labeach


Follow Attorney Saundra Davis

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Or call her today! (770) 934-3668

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