My Founder's Journey: How Putting My Head Down for 6 Months Erased $21k DebtRich In Real Life

My Founder's Journey: How Putting My Head Down for 6 Months Erased $21k Debt

Allow me to share with you my personal journey of transformation and self-discovery over the past six months because it has been nothing short of a roller coaster experience.

This episode is going to reveal another level of vulnerability from me, because despite surpassing my business goals and achieving financial success, I found myself feeling burnt out and lacking clarity on my next steps. So I made a bold decision to take a step back from my business and move in with my best friend and her husband for six months. This period of rest and reflection allowed me to pay off debt, save for a home, and make significant changes in my business, including hiring key team members and securing major contracts.

Sometimes, the path forward may not be clear, but having faith in the journey can lead to unexpected blessings and growth. So if you’re currently struggling with life, keep going and I hope this episode will give you the guidance to receive the clarity and peace you truly need.


  • The importance of redefining success and wealth on a personal level
  • The transformative power of rest and creating space for reflection
  • The impact of community, support, and connection on overall well-being
  • Setting boundaries and learning to say no for self-care and growth
  • The correlation between mental clarity, organization, and financial success
  • Embracing change and being open to unexpected opportunities
  • The significance of faith, trust, and patience in navigating life's uncertainties


"I lacked clarity because there was something coming. And God was just like, not yet. I have something, but I need you to get ready." - Jessica Hurley

"Sometimes, you're not going to know the how, you're not going to have clarity on the path, but you got to have some faith." - Jessica Hurley

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I enjoyed it, and loved the part where you spoke about envisioning yourself reaching that goal, how you want to feel, and what it will look like! Def a must! Not to mention putting out what you want to receive this universe is for you once you understand you are in control! Keep it up you’ve got a forever listener !

Rich In Real Life

All I can say is WHOA!!! This podcast has me literally blown away! Jess is your no holds barred, tell it straight, sister from another mother🙌🏽I haven’t come across an episode that I haven’t absolutely loved! This podcast has me digging deep on a level I didn’t even know exist. Listen, save, and repeat!

Rich In Real Life

So grateful to God that Jess used the gift that God gave her and chose to share it with the world! Every episode is so impactful, for anyone with a dream, anyone who struggles with hesitation or procrastination about everyday issues. Medicine for the ears, for the soul☺️♥️. It gives me hope!!! Thank you Jess for not hiding your light. Thank you for being AUTHENTIC and showing us that real people with relatable issues still exist!!! This podcast makes me feel like i can overcome and have victory in every area of my life!!!!

Rich In Real Life

Jessica has great content in her podcast. I’d recommend this to not only women but men as well.

Rich In Real Life
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