Medicinal Vulnerability - The Healing of the Soul with Ben Holt | Part 1Rich In Real Life

Medicinal Vulnerability - The Healing of the Soul with Ben Holt | Part 1

Breathwork facilitator, quantum coach, and founder of “Connect and Evolve,” Ben Holt joins Rich in Real Life after hosting a special retreat for your girl Jess, her best friend, and 8 of her mastermind girls in Sedona, Arizona.

In part one of this two-part series, Ben shares a bit of his story from jock to healer, discovering that while the path to our higher self is fraught with valleys, we are the medicine. Speaking to the illusion of separation, a foundation of love, and embracing your feminine energy, tune in as Ben reveals how the power of God and the universe is within you.


  • Ben’s path to spirituality and plant medicine
  • “We are the medicine”
  • Traditional religion versus spirituality
  • What is beyond our thinking mind?
  • Opening up to our feminine energy


“Things often become more challenging before they become easy, right? It's really beautiful from the outside perspective looking in to see someone who is on the spiritual path, but little do we know, being on the spiritual path is like getting dragged through the valley of your shadow pretty often.”

“Entrepreneurship is just disguised as a self-development journey. It's just a constant mirror in your face.”


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This is my MUST every Tuesday! Jessica is so honest and motivational. She’s going to question things that will help you understand exactly why your settling or stuck.This is the podcast you need to get out your “stuff” and move on!

HOT sauce SC
Rich In Real Life

Mannnnnnnnn was today’s episode something I needed to hear in my soul!!! Jessica’s podcast makes you feel as though you are not alone. You aren’t crazy and you just have to move past and get over the hurdle!I’ve listened to a few of the episodes and each time it’s been a message I needed to hear!!!Ensure you’re subscribe and listening because if not you’re missing out for sure. Such an amazing human!

Pineapple Alicia
Rich In Real Life

Personally, I enjoy gaining wisdom from various perspectives. I have listened to a handful of Jessica’s podcast and I can genuinely say I learn something new to apply to my day to day life. It’s her honest and genuine approach that keeps you waiting to hear more of what she has to say. Her podcasts are super engaging and you feel like “I can def do that”. I would strongly recommend checking her podcast out. You won’t regret it at all!

Rich In Real Life

I found her through the GirlCEO podcast w/ Ronne Brown and immediately subscribed. Her format, topics, and episode length make it perfect for the boost you need through out the day. I connect with her because she speaks to the producers of the world full of artists. Every piece of art needs a producer, curator, or facilitator to get a message out. There are stories we carry that just need an outlet. She does that in her business and through her podcast. So glad I found this because it gives me the motivation to go after the life I want to live. A life of purpose and meaning.

Rich In Real Life
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