Mastering Leadership Branding and Reputation Management with Allison McFarlaneDNA Of A Professional

Mastering Leadership Branding and Reputation Management with Allison McFarlane

In this episode, your host Tareka is joined by special guest Allison McFarland, Founder and CEO of Allison McFarlane Inc., unraveling the secrets of leadership branding and reputation management. Allison's unwavering dedication and unique personal brand shine through, emphasizing genuine care for people and active involvement in women's empowerment.

She also shares personal branding expertise and LinkedIn's professional reputation management expertise, offering valuable insights into managing a digital footprint and providing executive coaching and leadership development strategies. Together, their discussion delves into key insights on leadership, branding, and consistency during transitions, addressing challenges in finance and accounting, personal growth opportunities, and the crucial intersection of leadership and personal development.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of leadership branding, coaching, and reputation management? Join the conversation in forging a powerful community where women connect, share ideas and empower each other on their unique career journeys. Don't miss out—tune in and redefine your path to success!


  • Allison’s leadership story of advocacy, empowering women
  • What are the keys to success in career and business?
  • Understanding the importance of leadership branding
  • The pivotal role of consistency and stability in being a leader
  • Common challenges faced by leaders in the finance and banking space
  • The importance of giving people opportunities
  • How coaching helps in self-improvement, career advancement, and personal growth
  • Immerse yourself: Expand your network by learning from others
  • Strategies to consistently demonstrate a positive personal brand


"When I think of leadership branding, I'm thinking of how this person shows up who this person is, regardless of what's going on." — Allison McFarlane

"If you have a desire to move into a space where you are managing people, and you're responsible for developing or nurturing high-performing teams, then you should aspire to be a leader. And it's being a leader who is modeling behavior [and] practices that you want [to be] seen or carried out by others." — Tareka Wheeler


Allison McFarlane

Website: Allison McFarlane Inc.



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Loving the topics and the informational yet fun style of offering great professional advice and encouragement every week! My favorite episode so far is all about the 4 Roles Successful Professionals Must Play!

Lanee B.
DNA Of A Professional

The host gives valuable information and tips to implement them in your every day life. This focuses on career development but it helps with personal development in all areas of your life. I love listening to the episodes and reading her emails.

DNA Of A Professional

This podcast has become part of my weekly prep for the work week, every Sunday evening. Great tips for personal and professional development each week.

Disappointed AIM user
DNA Of A Professional

I really appreciate you bringing this topic to light and choosing to share your personal challenges. The hardest thing for me has been being really good at something (career) you don’t love and trying to make it work. And being too afraid to leave or fully own that I want to leave because I think it’s the best thing I’ve achieved so far.. Your transparency helped me be more honest with myself! Thank you! This podcast was right on time.

DNA Of A Professional
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