Making Moves and Building Wealth with Cinneah El-AminYour Next Move

Making Moves and Building Wealth with Cinneah El-Amin

Helping nine-to-five hotties earn more and build wealth, product manager and founder of Flynanced, Cinneah El-Amin, joins Kimberly in this episode to discuss advocating for yourself and creating a lifestyle where our career supplements the lives we want to live, not overtake them.

So lean in as Cinneah shares how she has grown her salary to six figures through negotiating often, job-hopping regularly, and continuing to build her skills in every role. Because at this point, we know what it takes to negotiate a salary, but do you know how to maximize it?


  • How to think holistically about your career and life
  • Debunking the “job hopping” myth
  • The role of relationships when navigating the world of work
  • What are you looking for when applying to companies?
  • Cinneah’s 30-60-90 plan when starting a new job
  • Building a brand that’s visible to the world (while still working a 9-to-5)


“I have been really intentional, not only about the benchmarks that I wanted to hit in terms of the money that I want to make but intentional about what skills I want to continue to gain so that I can remain competitive.”

“We have to eliminate this idea that just because we accepted a new job, we can't put ourselves back out in search.”


Cinneah El-Amin

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So, so good! Kimberly just has IT!

Your Next Move

Kim gives practical, USEFUL career advice. I look forward to new episodes every week.

Carmen Blak
Your Next Move

Kimberly is a gem! Going to grab a copy of her book.

Your Next Move

Kimberly shares her honest opinions and best advice on managing your career. Her delivery is direct, concise and easy to follow. Loved her episode with Ariel and their thoughts on burnout. A must listen!

Your Next Move

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