Is this a HUSTLE Season or a REST Season in your Career?Your Next Move

Is this a HUSTLE Season or a REST Season in your Career?

Do you often find yourself feeling burnt out from overworking? Or do you feel like you’re not progressing towards your goals fast enough? If your answer is yes to either question, then this episode is a must-listen.

Join Kimberly as she explains the importance of pacing yourself in your career as well as knowing when to hustle and when to rest. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of when you should do either, because Kimberly will also share 4 key questions you can ask yourself to see which season you are at in your career. So tune in now to not only understand but to integrate the seasons of your career better!


  • The importance of knowing when to hustle and when to rest.
  • Which season are you in? 4 key questions to ask yourself.
  • Work-life integration vs. work-life balance.
  • How to position yourself as a leader in the workplace.


“Oftentimes, it's so easy to lust after the accomplishments of others. But without knowing the work it took to achieve those goals, you really can't understand the journey or the hustle behind those achievements.”

“Things are never really 50/50. I think we all ebb and flow. It's how we integrate together to make two things work in harmony.”

“Do you want to be that person who is the go-to? And that takes some hustle to get to that point.”

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This is not a podcast you can listen to while cruising or running errands. Kimberly drops so many FREE gems in each episode, you’ll regret not having something to jot them down. If you’ve been feeling complacent in your career or lacking in vision, her tools are guaranteed to reignite purpose and acceleration to your drive. Your Next Move is the empowerment and advising I didn’t know I needed until now. I can’t wait until the book comes out. Thank you, Kimberly!!lol

Your Next Move

I just listened to Episode 22, Being an Ambitious Woman with Tiffany Aliche and was so impressed. The time just flew by as I enjoyed the solid career advice Kimberly and Tiffany shared. Documenting your accomplishments was one of the ideas that I thought was especially good -- because if YOU don't know what you accomplished and what your big wins are, you cannot possibly expect others to remember. I look forward to tuning in again.

Your Next Move

Kimberly is a gem! Going to grab a copy of her book.

Your Next Move

So, so good! Kimberly just has IT!

Your Next Move
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