How to Eat Comfort Foods Without GuiltUncomplicating Weight Loss & Life

How to Eat Comfort Foods Without Guilt

What food do you go to when you're having a particularly stressful or bad day? Or when you’re tired and just want to go home, zone out, and watch Netflix? Is that ice cream, cookie, or bread really helping you relax and unwind though? Or is it simply a temporary dopamine hit in the way of your ultimate goals?

In this episode, Eva talks comfort foods and why you need to separate yourself from the idea that you need them in order to feel better. And while she doesn’t want you to stop eating the foods you enjoy, Eva does want you to understand that food is not a solution!

So tune in and end your toxic relationship with food. It doesn’t care about you, so stop caring so much about it!


  • What foods do you believe bring comfort?
  • How “comfort foods” work…temporarily
  • If you’re going to eat it, enjoy it!
  • Food is neutral, neither good nor bad
  • Control the one-sided relationship between you and food


“The issue isn't necessarily the food. It's how you're thinking about it. It's that you are attaching, almost personalizing it. Attaching a certain level of personification to this food as if the food is your friend.” - Eva Rodriguez

“If you're going to allow yourself to have it, make sure that it's intentional. Make sure that you've planned for that so that you're not doing it in a reactive way.” - Eva Rodriguez


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Started listening to this podcast ahead of the holidays as I’m gearing up to prioritize weight loss in the New Year. I love the host’s approach to weight loss / wellness, she dives into the psychology and emotional triggers behind why we behave the way we do, taking a holistic approach to advice on how to lose weight/become healthier.Episode 14 covers self care. She breaks it down between 8 different areas in your life and how you can tie them back to weight loss/implementing healthy lifestyle changes. She recommends approaching goal setting through these 8 areas.Heading home from my walk and about to dive into my journal to start doing some goal setting. Feeling so motivated! Thank you for your awesome advice, 10/10 recommend.

Uncomplicating Weight Loss & Life

After years of losing and gaining weight, crash diets, and feeling pretty hopeless- this podcast has honestly changed my life! I love how Eva provides realistic, relatable goals and delivers it all with such an optimistic and genuine way. I continue to learn each episode- and I love the actionable steps to take- seriously amazing! Listening to this podcast is one of the best parts of my week. Thank you, Eva!

Uncomplicating Weight Loss & Life

Being “healthy” feels like a full time job and I don’t think I’ve ever really been healthy enough to feel its impact and benefits. This podcast and Eva’s coaching have been so helpful during a chaotic time in my life where “healthy” is an afterthought. As someone whose world revolves around work and my family, this process with Eva has helped me remember to take care of ME and figure out how to navigate being healthy, being kind to myself, and building a sustainable lifestyle over a trendy diet and workout regimen. Love the tone of this podcast because it’s finally making curves, self-esteem, and weight loss super relatable and down to earth. Thank you, Eva!!

Krysta G
Uncomplicating Weight Loss & Life

Amazing, inspiring, real, raw, heartfelt and relatable.This podcast is so incredibly powerful and life changing.Eva’s soothing voice and vulnerability in sharing her story are so rare and needed.So grateful for your expertise and knowledge!

Uncomplicating Weight Loss & Life
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