Gary with Da Tea: Brewing a New Perspective on Mental HealthThe YUMMY Podcast

Gary with Da Tea: Brewing a New Perspective on Mental Health

Welcome to another episode of the YUMMY podcast! In today's episode, you're in for a treat because Crystal Khalil & Dr. Nicole LaBeach have the pleasure of being joined by none other than Gary with Da Tea, an actor, radio personality, and a very good friend of our hosts. They can't stress this enough, THEY LOVE HIM! And they're not stopping at the surface here; they dive deep into his life beyond the glitz and glamour. Gary opens up about his journey, sharing the hurdles he faced during his younger years and how he found freedom in just being himself. Yes, he's had a successful career, but he'll tell you that being a caretaker for his family and himself is what truly matters.

This episode is a warm invitation to embrace genuine, meaningful relationships and create a community where everyone can thrive together.


- Push through challenges and obstacles to achieve meaningful experiences

- Set boundaries in your relationships for your well-being

- Not everyone wants to be treated in the same way

- Realize the difference between trust issues and just trusting the wrong person

- Recognize the toxic aspects of your relationships

- You need to learn to accept help and not overextend yourself


"You know when somebody says 'what you see is what you get'? And that's me. What you see is what you get." - Gary with Da Tea

"And that's why a lot of kids commit suicide, they do all kinds of drugs because they're not accepted. My parents accepted me. So that helped me out tremendously." -Gary with Da Tea

"When we're caretakers, we attract those that need to be cared for, you feel like they just show up, but no they don't. You attract that energy because that's what affirmed you." - Crystal Khalil

"If everybody is calling you for something, but there's nobody that you can call what has happened where nobody has practice muscle in looking out for you?" - Dr. Nicole TheBeach


Gary with Da Tea

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Sooo authentic!!!!

Amiyra King
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