From Rock-Bottom Burnout to Living Her Dream Life with Lisa Dunlap NPHealth Conscious Living Podcast

From Rock-Bottom Burnout to Living Her Dream Life with Lisa Dunlap NP

Lisa Dunlap is a nurse practitioner, burnout coach, holistic healer, and adventurer. Helping high-achieving women in healthcare restore and revive themselves through mind, body, and spirit integration, her mission is to help reignite the spark that makes life fun again. And in this episode, Lisa shares her own amazing healing journey - from burnout to a life-threatening tumor to transforming her life and career coaching hundreds to prioritize themselves and ask, “What do I need to nurture myself right now?”


  • When Lisa hit rock bottom and got the call that changed her life
  • What do you need to feel nurtured in this moment
  • The miraculous power of the mind-body connection
  • Seeing trauma as an opportunity and gift
  • Signs of burnout we need to start paying attention to
  • Holistic tips for self-nurture and compassion


“Up until that point, for me, self-worth came from doing more, doing more, doing more.”

“In order to blossom and grow, sometimes we need to hit rock bottom.”

“This was a ball of stress and burnout that had been created through my own journey of stress. And then it dissolved through my own journey of healing.”


Lisa Dunlap, NP

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Dr Myers has a gentle and healing presence that comes through her podcast! She has brought the importance of compassion, inner wisdom and self-care to listeners in a way that is easily integrated. Thanks Dr. Myers!

Dr. Suzan White
Health Conscious Living Podcast

I found the podcasts very refreshing and well prepared

TM Night
Health Conscious Living Podcast

A wealth of health podcast your wellbeing can’t afford to miss! Dr. Gayle’s inspiring story, wealth of knowledge, and deep passion for helping you on your healing journey, coupled with her soothing and melodious voice makes this a must listen.

Health Conscious Living Podcast

Dr Gayle’s voice is so soothing it instantly grounds me into my body. Thank goodness there is a beacon here that can help us slow down and go deep.

Queen Mary Tan
Health Conscious Living Podcast
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