From Heartbreak to Healing With Jen UscholdUncomplicating Weight Loss & Life

From Heartbreak to Healing With Jen Uschold

Join Eva as she delves into the topics of divorce, chronic pain, pain management, and trauma with Jen Uschold, a Holistic Divorce Coach, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach, and Physical Therapist.

Jen recently launched a divorce coaching service called iRise for Me and in this episode, she and Eva discuss the impact of trauma on the body and the connection between unprocessed trauma and mental health struggles, relationship issues, and physical pain. You'll discover how Jen's unique approach of integrating wellness with therapy can help holistically treat these underlying issues.

If you're looking for guidance on how to heal from trauma and make difficult transitions, this is the episode for you!


  • What does a divorce coach do?
  • What are some common effects and challenges of navigating divorce?
  • The benefits of an integrated approach to health and wellness
  • What are the 4 main pillars of pain science and management?
  • How does sleep affect our body?
  • How to tune in to the signals our body is sending


“Often people think they are alone, and I won't kid you, divorce is a lonely process. It's so important to have a support network in place. And that could look like any number of things, and coaching could be one of them.”

“Life is a continuum. Health is a continuum. Divorce is a continuum. We can either choose to move forward or we might be stagnant. And that's okay if that's where you are. What we really want to do is prevent or help people from that backslide.”


Jen Uschold

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