Figuring It Out As You Go with Lexi NavarreteManifesting Money

Figuring It Out As You Go with Lexi Navarrete

In this episode, we invite special guest Lexi Navarrete to bring us along on her makeup and entrepreneurial journey. Find out how she fell in love with the makeup industry and how she discovered her gift of giving.

Ever since then, Lexi has been committed to connecting with and sharing her knowledge with other aspiring makeup artists. Lexi also talks about the struggles of becoming an entrepreneur and the grit it took for her to overcome them and thrive in her industry! Lexi and Anita also chat about manifesting, e-commerce, and staying true to their makeup styles.


  • Lexi’s makeup career journey.How to love and accept people for who they are.
  • It’s all about your attitude and your effort.
  • Biggest lessons learned from building a brand.
  • How Lexi got into e-commerce.
  • The story behind The Beauty Plug Lashes.


“Never let money be the reason why you do or you don't do something.”


WE ARE DOING A GIVE AWAY for our first 3 listeners! All you need to do is screenshot this episode, share with us the one thing that you needed to hear, and what you are taking action on.

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For real, it is. I have notice positive shifts in my life and is thanks to this podcast. Also she gives you prompts to work on your money mindset, find the bottom of where the block is and more. Since listening to it I am more aware of the patterns that used to affect my belief of money. Thank you Anita!

Manifesting Money

This episode was amazing so raw & real. The energy was on fire!

Manifesting Money

So happy I found your podcast a few weeks ago. Or should I say, your podcast found me! 😉 I have already started to notice so many synchronicities! So far I’ve manifested $15 here $13 there, then $400 then $1000 and I can feel so much more coming! You’ve also helped me release a career that was no longer serving me. And I can already see little signs that the universe is aligning me with my true life path as a light worker/energy healer! “Sooo good!” Thank you Anita!

Manifesting Money

I swear I mostly listen to you for your beautiful, bright, and uplifting energy. I am leaning more into action towards your insights but you are my go-to for when I want a feel-good podcast. Thank you for your service and contribution to us all! 🙏💜 Blessing upon blessings to you!!!

Love, the process
Manifesting Money
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