Empowering Math Education Through The Lens of Equity and Excellence, with Dr. Pamela Seda7-Figure Educator

Empowering Math Education Through The Lens of Equity and Excellence, with Dr. Pamela Seda

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Pamela Seda to bring us along her career journey in education, focusing on high-quality math instruction and equity work. Dr. Seda discusses her ICUCARE framework, which has had a significant impact on her teaching and consulting practices, and delves into the strategies she used to sell over 13,000 copies of her book, "Choosing to See: A Framework for Equity in the Math Classroom". Dr. Seda also highlights the importance of mindset shifts, community support, and continuous learning in her entrepreneurial journey.

If you are an educator looking to enhance your math instruction and equity practices, tune in to this episode to learn from Dr. Pamela Seda's wealth of experience and expertise. Discover how her ICUCARE framework can transform your teaching approach and how she leveraged speaking engagements and online courses to expand her impact.


  • Dr. Pamela Seda’s education and career journey
  • On improving math education for diverse students
  • The pivotal role of ICUCARE Framework
  • The transition from working a full-time job to doing a business
  • How Dr. Pamela Seda’s  Choosing to See: A Framework for Equity in the Math Classroom book sold 13,000 copies
  • Teaching strategies for marginalized students using ICUCARE framework
  • On leveraging speaking engagements and creating an online course to expand impact
  • On navigating entrepreneurship, mindset shifts, and community support


“Mathematics has the power to shatter students dreams in a number of ways.’” — Dr. Pamela Seda

“The ICUCARE framework is a way to help take the complexity of teaching in a way that makes it doable.” — Dr. Pamela Seda


Dr. Pamela Seda

Website |www.sedaeducationalconsulting.com/

IG | @pamseda1

LinkedIn | @dr-pamela-seda-28785911/

X | @pamseda1/

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Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas

IG | @e_jordanthomas

LinkedIn | @erica-jordan-thomas-ed-l-d-86314764

Facebook | @EJTConsultingLLC

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Great episode talking about not only education but how to take a leap of faith. “Believing how much you can make is a great mindset shift.” -Erinn

Leap like you know the net is there.

Naked w/ Mimosas
7-Figure Educator

Dr Erica is changing the lives of educators everywhere who are still passionate about transforming our young people but struggle living paycheck to paycheck.

She’s helping change the mind and trajectory of those who still love their work! Thank you Dr Erica for this show!

7-Figure Educator

Wow! This was amazing morning motivation! Great job Erinn!

7-Figure Educator

Listened to my first episode today, Chalkboards to Checkbooks and loved it! Great information that is so helpful! My career is not in education but the tips in here can be applied to anyone and are fundamental to meeting your goals or in some cases like Erinn’s - recalibrating them to be in line with your worth and what you can really achieve!

7-Figure Educator
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