Dreaming Without Safety Nets: How DeMario “Pop” Douglas Shot to NFL StardomRich In Real Life

Dreaming Without Safety Nets: How DeMario “Pop” Douglas Shot to NFL Stardom

In this episode, I am thrilled to welcome 23-year-old NFL star, DeMario Douglas, aka “Pop” as we dive deep into his incredible journey in the NFL and his personal growth, shedding light on the influences and key moments that have propelled him towards his success and legacy. DeMario shares invaluable insights into the importance of focus, the value of strong role models, and the relentless pursuit of dreams without any safety nets. His story is a testament to the power of dedication and the impact of unwavering commitment.

DeMario's upbringing, heavily influenced by powerful women and his profound passion for football, has shaped his work ethic and drive for success. And in this conversation we discuss his strategies for handling setbacks and his steadfast commitment to achieving his goals.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone aiming to make a significant impact on their life and the lives of others. Join us as we uncover more about DeMario's pursuit of greatness in Rich in Real Life.


  • Demario’s life, school, and athlete’s journey
  • The importance of focusing on passion and goals
  • How Demario manifested to become an NFL player
  • Strategies for overcoming distractions in youth
  • The power of strong female role models in Demario’s life
  • Faith, perseverance, and overcoming setbacks in college football
  • The importance of good coaches and communication styles
  • Two mentors who Demario learned from the most
  • Navigating personal growth through faith and setbacks


"Everybody's timing is different… As long as you stay focused and stay with that dream, you’re going to succeed.” – DeMario “Pop” Douglas

“When God gives you purpose, and he makes it clear to you — he's going to make it clear to you don't get to be one person by day and another by night and get the same results. And so here I am… And I think we have seasons with our purposes.” – Jessica Hurley

“I never let that faze me. I always loved sports, the love of the game just drove me.”  – DeMario “Pop” Douglas

DeMario “Pop” Douglas

IG | @popshotta3

YouTube | @DeMarioDouglas3

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Jessica podcast is a MUST listen to for sure !!!! Its very inspiring and very motivating!! My favorite episode was the one about supporting your spouse( which I listened to with my husband) but it really helped me and my husband understand each other goals and how important it is to always support each other no matter . Being that I was so inspired by this last episode I will be sure to not miss another one !!!! Thank you so much for the motivation Jessica!

Rich In Real Life

I love listening to this podcast. Jessica always keeps it 10000%

Rich In Real Life

I love this podcast and the value it provides. Jessica truly takes the time to share so many incredible stories with her audience and I look forward to every single episode! Thanks for helping us all get through our stranded phase(s) 💕

Berri B.
Rich In Real Life

The Stranded Podcast was recommended to me by a friend & I’m so glad! Jessica is so candid and her podcast inspires me to be better.

Rich In Real Life
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