Creating Accelerated Collisions (Networking)Your Next Move

Creating Accelerated Collisions (Networking)

With COVID restrictions still very much in place even after a year, things like coffee dates, impromptu lunches, and casual conversations just aren’t a thing anymore!

So how do we not only navigate a virtual working environment but thrive in it as well?

In this episode, Kimberly will introduce you to the Accelerated Collisions concept and her 3-step process to networking in a time like this. Learn to be strategic and intentional with your networking as well as how to position yourself as a leader in a virtual working environment. Tune in now and find out how you can land more jobs, meet your next business partner, or simply have inspiring conversations with others!


  • What are accelerated collisions?
  • The importance of getting clarity on your vision and goals.
  • How to identify your gaps and opportunities.
  • What circles and rooms do you want to be in?
  • How to stand out in group settings.


“Hell, if you were like me, I've timed my entrance or elevator ride to make sure I ‘accidentally’ was in the same place at the right time so I could spark a conversation. But we just don't have that anymore. So you have to be strategic and intentional now.”


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Kimberly literally shares everything I only WISH I knew before working my way up the corporate ladder and transitioning into a job that I’d love (and one that paid me WELL). She touches on everything from pivoting in my career to salary negotiations - and what I appreciate most is that she speaks from a place of experience! She has RECEIPTS. I also love that the information is delivered in bite sized episodes - short enough for a quick listen, but long enough to make a lasting impact and providing actionable tips to implement. This podcast has my highest recommendation - especially for women of color looking to break through limiting beliefs, secure their dream position, and finally to get paid their worth.

Your Next Move

This episode was like having a conversation with friends. Friends who have been in the trenches with you and understand corporate life.I am embarking on a new work from home morning routine and liked how Kimberly and Tara talked about having a plan but going with the flow. Some days I need coffee before mindfulness… it’s my routine I can do what feels right!Thanks ladies!

Your Next Move

I really enjoy this podcast! I love how encouraging the message is but also REAL advice even if it may be unsettling to hear!This podcast gets me excited and empowered to take actionable steps in my career!

Not your average Jo
Your Next Move

I love the messages and positive energy of this podcast. I want to use the tips in my daily life. I listened to “Mixtape Confidence” episode and it was very insightful on how personal life and work are a balance that we need to focus on. Also , i love the reference to the movie “Girls Trip”. The actress Tiffany Haddish has a very inspiring story . Hopefully one day she will be a guest on the podcast

Tim Allsop
Your Next Move
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