Creating a Powerful Brand Story with Teri JohnsonClarity To Launch

Creating a Powerful Brand Story with Teri Johnson

Meet Teri Johnson - entrepreneur and adventurer who brings her experience to life through storytelling and luxury products.

Turning her passion into profit, tune in as she shares how her exploration around the world as a travel and lifestyle expert sparked the idea to create a luxury home fragrance company inspired by her neighborhood of Harlem.

But don’t put this “candle lady” into just one box! Listen in to learn how she not only created a powerful brand and niche but a burgeoning empire.


  • Who is Teri Johnson? And how did she get here?
  • What inspired Teri’s business and branding?
  • The evolution of Harlem Candle Company
  • It’s about passion and likability
  • Why you can’t worry about the how
  • Teri Johnson’s advice for upcoming luxury brand entrepreneurs


“It's about being approachable. It's about being likable, but also about the passion that you have and letting that really come through.”

“Don't worry about the how. You can not think about the how. Just know that you want that and you say it out loud.”


Find Harlem Candle Company and your fragrance at harlemcandlecompany.comIG | |


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Thank you Natanya for all your wisdom and for helping me get more clear on who I want to serve. I’m so happy I found you!

Naked Flavors Nutrition
Clarity To Launch

I’m a follower of Natanya’s online content and attended one of her trainings/webinars for Clarity to Scale, and now I’m sooo happy to get to hear even more from her through this podcast. I’ve listened to three episodes so far and can’t wait to keep going with the others. She answers questions that she knows will be on her clients’ minds— the ones you wish people would (actually) answer but they never do. She doesn’t put money before impact, but also encourages you to truly reflect on your money goals, with full permission for them to be less or more than those of others. Thank you for the episodes, Natanya!

Clarity To Launch

Natanya is the friend you didn’t know you needed. She shares a wealth of knowledge inspiring you to get out your own way and live the life you’re craving to live!

Lexi Darcy
Clarity To Launch

As someone who both helps ppl on their journeys and struggles to keep going on my own journey, it’s encouraging to hear someone talk about feeling stuck and continuing on. Instead of just more success stories that skip over the hard parts or only talk about the hard parts in a way that downplays them to focus on the current success.

Clarity To Launch
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