What Are You Leaving Behind in 2022?Clarity To Launch

What Are You Leaving Behind in 2022?

Are you really good at what you do but left feeling unfulfilled? That is exactly what your host Natanya thought before creating the Bravo Life. And as we approach the end of the year, she again asks herself (and you!) if she is genuinely aligned with the business she wants to create.

Tune in and be inspired to think about what you want to bring forward in 2023, and what you want to leave behind.


  • Why 2022 completely transformed Natanya’s business
  • Are you too focused on what you’re “supposed” to do
  • Finding purpose and fulfillment in your work
  • What do YOU actually WANT to create?


“What do I want to create that's going to light me up? And when I lead with what I want to create that's gonna light me up, the money always follows.”


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Use Your Passions, Discover Your Purpose, and Create Profit with Natanya Bravo at: natanyabravo.com

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Natanya is not just about the success. She takes us through her journey to the next level as an already very successful entrepreneur. She’s real, authentic, relatable , and because of that, she’s inspiring! As I embark on a new business myself as an existing 7-figure earner, I look to her because I know success leaves clues & and I want to learn from someone I respect and like as a human. Keep delivering great content with heart!!

Clarity To Launch

I love the passion she speaks with . Through the episodes she’s gives us exactly what we need as entrepreneurs to keep pushing forward and getting out of our own way . And she’s telling us through experience . I really love it

Pink user 05
Clarity To Launch

This chic has figured out what works !! Raw and honest - motivating and inspiring.

Clarity To Launch

Love this podcast. So uplifting! Episode 2 resonated with my spirit in so many ways—being authentic and offering what actually works for you. Episode 5 was an eye-opener. Awesome show!

Clarity To Launch
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