Corporate Besties - Lateral Sponsorship with Jasmine HawthorneYour Next Move

Corporate Besties - Lateral Sponsorship with Jasmine Hawthorne

Your Next Move welcomes friend, professional sister, and global leader in talent acquisition at one of the largest companies in the world, Jasmine Hawthorne. Founder of The Valley Pearl, Jasmine helps professional women navigate the world of work and position themselves for their next best move or promotion. And in doing so, she emphasizes social credibility and cultivating relationships that take you to the next level.

Tune in as corporate besties Kimberly and Jasmine discuss the power of looking across the room rather than up, helping each other reach their respective goals, and aligning common ideas to reach a similar mission.


  • Do you have a “corporate bestie”?
  • What is lateral sponsorship?
  • How to develop lateral sponsorship
  • When corporate besties go wrong
  • Navigating competition in the workplace
  • Find the playbook and lean into the game


“What I've noticed is that a lot of folks just try to perform and do the job, but the other secret currency that's out there that we don't talk about often is the power of relationships”

“I'm a competitor, but I don't win solo. I win as a team. I win as bringing people along.”


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Loving this podcast. The information Kimberly is sharing is invaluable! A must listen if you feel stuck, “lost”, or misguided in your career life. These are great takeaways that can even be applied outside of your work life to be honest. Looking forward to more.

Your Next Move

Kimberly gives excellent advice about how to reflect on where you’d like to go in your career and act strategically to grow with intention & integrity. Highly recommend not only this podcast for the great tips and interviews but also her book.

Your Next Move

I love the messages and positive energy of this podcast. I want to use the tips in my daily life. I listened to “Mixtape Confidence” episode and it was very insightful on how personal life and work are a balance that we need to focus on. Also , i love the reference to the movie “Girls Trip”. The actress Tiffany Haddish has a very inspiring story . Hopefully one day she will be a guest on the podcast

Tim Allsop
Your Next Move

This is not a podcast you can listen to while cruising or running errands. Kimberly drops so many FREE gems in each episode, you’ll regret not having something to jot them down. If you’ve been feeling complacent in your career or lacking in vision, her tools are guaranteed to reignite purpose and acceleration to your drive. Your Next Move is the empowerment and advising I didn’t know I needed until now. I can’t wait until the book comes out. Thank you, Kimberly!!lol

Your Next Move
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