Can't See What's Next? Step Out On Faith...The YUMMY Podcast

Can't See What's Next? Step Out On Faith...

Welcome aboard YUMMY Podcast! Brace yourself for an electrifying episode as hosts Crystal Khalil and Dr. Nicole LaBeach are joined by the visionary Veleka B, the ingenious mastermind behind "Set Apart and Chosen." Witness Veleka's awe-inspiring journey as she propelled her platform to an astounding 1 million followers within a mere 10 months, deftly navigating the pandemic by orchestrating virtual gospel concerts, crafting an entirely innovative stream of revenue. Her narrative stands tall as a resounding testament to unyielding faith amidst adversity, embodying an unwavering dedication to God's path, valuing purpose over mere financial gain.

Crystal and Dr. Nicole, seasoned veterans in the tumultuous realm of entrepreneurship, engage in an invigorating dialogue with Veleka. Together, they delve deep into pivotal themes surrounding the recognition of one's intrinsic worth, the embrace of patient alignment with divine timing, and the profound significance of seeking divine guidance.


-Follow your instincts and moral compass, especially when it keeps you up at night with a decision

-As you grow in your field, value your expertise and don't sell yourself short

-Seek advice and mentorship from experienced individuals, even if you're accomplished in your field

-Follow your passion and purpose, and be ready to make sacrifices to fulfill your calling

-Prioritize happiness and simplicity over material success

-Seek spiritual happiness and surround yourself with happy people


"If I can't take a risk at night with a decision on my plate, then it's not for me to have." - Veleka B.

"To me, what I feel when you do have a large bag, save that bag because you don't know what tomorrow is going to lead to." -Veleka B

"But God has got a pass to be able to trust you in order for you to get to the next level." -Veleka B.

"Because faith is when you can't see it, right. You just have to believe that it's going to happen." - Crystal Khalil

"We're going to get the snooze option the next morning, which means if you hear the alarm clock, you're still here with us. Still alive, but living really starts when you step out of the bed, right?" -Dr. Nicole Labeach


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