Business Credit 101: Tips and Strategies for Small Business Owners with IrvOfficialRich In Real Life

Business Credit 101: Tips and Strategies for Small Business Owners with IrvOfficial

When you are building a business, you need capital! Whether starting out or scaling up, you need that cash! And sometimes you may need to grow a little quicker than you’re financially ready for. That’s where business credit comes in. But do we really need to be multimillionaires to be eligible for business funding?

In this episode, business coach and funding finance educator Irvin Pena, debunks some of the common misconceptions around funding and financing for small businesses. Making it as simple as possible, tune in as IrvOfficial shares his secrets to cleaning up your credit, personal guarantees, and building business credit.

It wouldn’t be Rich in Real Life though if we didn’t also discuss the work-life balance! So lean in and learn why Irvin doesn’t believe in balance and how growing as a person and a business owner go hand in hand.



  • Business credit vs personal credit
  • Why you need a business credit card
  • How can we clean up our personal credit?
  • Irvin’s first step to building a successful business
  • Managing business, marriage, and kids


“A lot of business owners have a misconception and an unhealthy relationship with what business credit is.”

“I challenge you to be okay with not knowing who you are because no one knows who you are. And that's where you're allowed to screw up along the way.”


Irvin Peña

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The best podcast Ever ! Very inspiring!! Thank you Jessica

Rich In Real Life

I hated when I want to celebrate a win and there was no applause but more like, “oh nice” rather than I’m so happy for you. Ugh

MJM Payroll
Rich In Real Life

I just subscribed to this podcast & it’s exactly what I needed to hear for my daily motivation.

Rich In Real Life

I’ve personally been in this same space before after 8 years and choosing to walk away from it all for many of the same reasons. One of the hardest things to do but I knew it was ultimately best for me and for him as well. ❤️ Your soul knows best when you listen to it outside of your heart & mind.

Rich In Real Life
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