BELIEVE or LEAVE: How Mz. Skittlez Fought to Reclaim Her Multimillion-Dollar CompanyRich In Real Life

BELIEVE or LEAVE: How Mz. Skittlez Fought to Reclaim Her Multimillion-Dollar Company

Welcome back to Rich in Real Life - I have another juicy episode for you today because I am joined by none other than Mz. Skittlez!

Mz. Skittlez shares her incredible journey of building a multimillion-dollar clothing company, losing it all in an acquisition, and then fighting to reclaim her brand. Trust me when I say that Mz. Skittlez is the epitome of an entrepreneur who embodies adaptability, perseverance, and flexibility despite dealing with setbacks. In this episode, you'll learn about the significance of branding, overcoming challenges, and never giving up on your dreams - even after it’s taken away from you! Discover the importance of standing up for your vision, expanding your network, and effectively engaging with audiences through social media as you tune in for an enlightening conversation with Mz. Skittlez.

So what are you waiting for? Join us in this conversation as we explore the power of belief, the impact of branding, and the mindset needed to navigate the highs and lows of the business world.


  • How Mz. Skittlez lost her brand and her fight to get it back
  • The importance of branding to attract more customers
  • The pivotal role of a “never give up” mindset for success
  • Lessons learned from challenges faced in entrepreneurship
  • Attention to detail: branding, product quality, and customer experience
  • The importance of separating personal and professional connections
  • Strategies to attract more consumers in the digital space
  • The belief that every product sold makes a positive impact
  • What makes Mz. Skittlez feel rich in real life?


"Branding is more important than marketing."  — Ms Skittles

“Every single entrepreneur should think - my business is saving lives. Believe it or leave. You are going to believe that we are changing lives. When you truly believe that your product is saving lives, you will market it like yourself.”  — Ms Skittles

“Being impactful in someone else's life is what makes me rich in real life.” — Ms Skittles


Mz Skittlez

IG | @mzskittlez

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I enjoyed listening especially when enduring a long road trip ahead it makes you put thing in prospective.

Antoinette Mcgregor
Rich In Real Life

This podcast is always real and honest. It’s nice to have someone approachable talk about life and all that comes with it!! But focusing on how to be the best you!! Keep it up!!!

Rich In Real Life

This podcast never disappoints me! I listen to it every time Jessica comes out with a new episode. I’ve learn so much self development with this. Thank you!

Rich In Real Life

The Best podcast ever! So inspiring! Thank you Jessica you rock !

Rich In Real Life
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