Being Brave Beyond This Pandemic With Ingrid Hard, Megan Galane, and Vanessa CharlesRich In Real Life

Being Brave Beyond This Pandemic With Ingrid Hard, Megan Galane, and Vanessa Charles

Whether you're a full blown entrepreneur or have been side hustling for a while, this current situation has caused us all fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

Not only are most of us operating from a place of suffering now more than we ever have, but the question of "what to do" to keep your business alive during such unforeseen circumstance isn't something you read about in business books. In this episode, I talk with 3 of my favorite entrepreneurs about what they've done to pivot to keep their business afloat, how its affected them, the sacrifices they've had to make, and what we've decided to do during this time to help other entrepreneurs.

The 4 of us have joined forces this coming Saturday, April 11th to help other entrepreneurs by sharing the very tools that built our businesses. Join us as we walk you through:

  • How to create a unique brand and messaging that stands out in any industry
  • How to start a podcast that can bring your message to the forefront
  • Creating a global message through massive partnerships and media
  • How to make sure you don't make the money mistakes most entrepreneurs make.


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I’m an avid listener of Jessica’s podcast & I love it more & more every time I listen! I enjoy her transparency, go getter attitude & her words of encouragement! Thanks for giving us this to help navigate or “stranded phases”!

Rich In Real Life

Oh Jess.........what can I say about this girl I feel like I’ve known her for years lol ....she inspires me almost daily, she is a mirror of strength, perseverance, determination, I could go on and on. She is transparent in her podcasts giving us all inspiration and motivation to be the best versions of ourselves. I LOVE listening to her and look forward to her posts and podcasts. Thanks jess for giving so much of yourself!!!!! XO

Rich In Real Life

This was great!

I’ve personally been in this same space before after 8 years and choosing to walk away from it all for many of the same reasons. One of the hardest things to do but I knew it was ultimately best for me and for him as well. ❤️ Your soul knows best when you listen to it outside of your heart & mind.

Rich In Real Life

What a great podcast! Unique perspectives, well thought out viewpoints and a fantastic cast of people. I am a huge fan! 5 Stars!

Rich In Real Life
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