Back of the Net: Kicking Off A New Approach to the Game with Thomas ElliottThe Sportsclusive Podcast

Back of the Net: Kicking Off A New Approach to the Game with Thomas Elliott

In today’s episode, Kenneth dives into the back of the net in football with special guest, Thomas Elliott. Navigating the dynamic world of football from scoring goals to the critical role of mental preparation, they uncover the intricacies of Thomas' upbringing, dealing with football challenges and opportunities, and the strategic edge of being one step ahead of competitors. Learn more about cultivating mental resilience, strategizing new tactics, and playing alongside diverse teammates.

Together, they explore how to play the game of sports with a new approach. Join in on their conversation, offering a comprehensive view of the mental and physical demands of the beautiful (at the back of the net) in the game.

Tune in!


  • Thomas’ upbringing: Differences between English and American sports culture
  • The importance of making a decision, embracing football opportunities
  • The difference between playing on a small high school field and professional training facilities
  • Current system of youth soccer development in England
  • Road to professional footballer: On skill level, humility, and confidence
  • The pivotal role of adapting to new challenges, tactics and players
  • The importance of having a strategic edge in the game of sports
  • On having dedication, pursuing passion, and achieving one’s goals
  • How to improve fitness, feel good, and prevent injuries in sports


“You need to be obsessed; if you want to get to your goal. You can have a life [and] have fun, but be obsessed — maybe [have] some sacrifices.” — Thomas Elliott

“Some people, regardless of any sports, their confidence is fragile. Good players just crumble and they're never the same again.” — Kenneth “Tiberius” Clark


Thomas Elliott

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