"$539 of My Credit Card Was Completely Paid Off! " / Reading Your TestimoniesManifesting Money

"$539 of My Credit Card Was Completely Paid Off! " / Reading Your Testimonies

Welcome Back to Season 3 of the Manifesting Money Podcast, in this episode.

In today's podcast we are joined by special guest, Anita's best friend and soul sister, Angelina.

Where we read YOUR testimonies and open up conversations about questions you all have asked!

Key Points:

  • Breaking cycles with your money
  • The money you are manifesting is already here.
  • Loving friends from a distance creating space for them to grow.
  • Attachment Styles

Resources mentioned in the Podcast:

Day Manifesting Money Workshop (1st testimony) www.manifestingmoneypodcast.com/3daymanifestingmoneyworkshop.com

Manifesting Money Acadmey (Vanessa's testimony) https://www.manifestingmoneypodcast.com/manifestingmoneyacademy52661301

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Other mentioned Resources: Angelina C. (Anita's triplet sister hehe) https://www.instagram.com/angelinamarie183/

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I love having access to all this amazing information so I can grow in many areas, especially financially! Thank you Anita! This is great 🥺✨

Manifesting Money

I am currently on the 31 days of abundance and this podcast is beautiful!!! Can’t wait for more! ❤️❤️❤️

Manifesting Money

So happy I found your podcast a few weeks ago. Or should I say, your podcast found me! 😉 I have already started to notice so many synchronicities! So far I’ve manifested $15 here $13 there, then $400 then $1000 and I can feel so much more coming! You’ve also helped me release a career that was no longer serving me. And I can already see little signs that the universe is aligning me with my true life path as a light worker/energy healer! “Sooo good!” Thank you Anita!

Manifesting Money

I just love Anita’s vibe and energy. She has changed my life in so many ways. Highly recommend.

Manifesting Money
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