$500 Giveaway with Brittany CornManifesting Money

$500 Giveaway with Brittany Corn

In this episode, we have special guest Brittany Corn, one of the recipients of the $10,000 Freelance Makeup Artist Relief Fund sponsored by the Makeup Mentor herself! Learn about Brittany’s journey as a makeup artist and how she transformed her passion for makeup into a full-time career. Find out how she dealt with canceled and missed opportunities because of COVID, how to remain positive through it all, and the important things she learned about herself and her relationships during this pandemic.


  • Overcoming self-doubt in the makeup industry.
  • How to build your makeup clientele.
  • How COVID affected her career and her relationships.

It’s not a competition:

  • Too young, new or old in the industry.
  • Taking the day off; why you shouldn’t feel bad about it!
  • Drugstore or high-end makeup?


“Something I definitely struggled with was comparing myself to other artists, and instead of realizing that I have my own niche and my own little gifts that I have when I create things.”

“Don't say no to an opportunity because it could be one of the best things you've ever done.”


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This episode resonated most, especially the part about family not really supporting your perspective/way of being. Your content has enlightened and expanded me in more ways than one. Sending you my highest intentions 💫

Manifesting Money

Grateful to have found this podcast as I'm convinced that the job I was in and hated was eliminated so I could find what's right for me and learn how to make money in a fulfilling waywhere I'm serving others using my greatest strengths!

Manifesting Money

I love this podcast so SO much !! It is helpful and so is Anita’s social media so if you don’t follow her yet … please do! When I feel like my vibration is off I refer to this show and I refer to her social media as well. She is amazing and so is this show !

TNM Mesh
Manifesting Money

Love this !

Manifesting Money
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