What Having a Friend in the Beauty Industry Really Means with Akua RobinsonFound The Flow

What Having a Friend in the Beauty Industry Really Means with Akua Robinson

In this episode, Tara is joined by Akua Robinson, a Professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Educator. As Akua brings us along her journey towards her success in the beauty industry, you will see how she got to where she is today through sheer persistence and by being in the right rooms. Listen in as she shares her passion for networking and community building with all her experience in the beauty industry.


  • Akua’s journey into the beauty industry
  • How did Akua get the opportunities that she got in the beauty industry?
  • Building her community: Friends and Beauty
  • The biggest gap in business when it comes to beauty professionals
  • Akua’s entrepreneurial nightmares
  • Akua on her money, mindset, and marketing


“But now I'm realizing that everybody's journey is completely unique. Like, it's really no blueprint to success as a makeup artist or photographer”

“I just felt like people needed to get out and talk to people. People really have a hard time with, like, in-person interaction. They just want to hide behind the little iPhones and Androids. Yeah, you gotta get out and you got to talk to people.” “

You're not going to be everybody's cup of tea.”


Akua Robinson


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Friends in Beauty


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Tara’s Stacking M’s podcast is fantastic! I love that her episodes are short, but they are filled with nuggets. As a new entrepreneur, the information she provides is comprehensive and useful. She gets right to point without a bunch unnecessary fluff. Thank you Tara for a great podcast!!

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