Welcome to The Guilty Privilege Podcast with Amber CabralGuilty Privilege

Welcome to The Guilty Privilege Podcast with Amber Cabral

Welcome to the premier episode of the Guilty Privilege podcast! Amber kicks off this podcast by explaining what Guilty Privilege means and what we can expect in upcoming episodes. We explore what it means to have privilege, and how to navigate not only the guilt that it might bring but the power it holds to make an impact on others. You will also learn to identify the ways in which you are privileged, the power your privilege brings, and how to be a proper ally to those around you.

It’s time we stopped getting allyship wrong and started using our privilege to empower those around us. Join Amber Cabral on this journey of showing up and making an impact with our privilege.


• What is privilege?
• What does it mean to be an ally?
• Navigating the guilt in our privilege
• Ways to identify your privileges


“I want you to remember that your privilege actually gives you power, it creates an opportunity for you to extend it to someone else as an ally. So it's not a reason to feel guilty. It's an opportunity for you to be impactful.” - Amber Cabral

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I took away so much from this episode. The biggest is recognizing our true enemy. Also, equity is about choices. We have them and we can choose how to use our privilege.

Alaina Doyle
Guilty Privilege

WOW! I am always enthralled by the conversations had and topics discussed on this podcast. As someone who rarely feels motivated or inspired, I am so grateful to have found this podcast. I have shared this podcast with so many people in my life as each episode offers a brilliant mind’s insight. This past episode I had to pull over and just allow myself to feel the the feeling of motivation and then gratitude. This show doesn’t present itself as a self help podcast, nor does it attempt to—for lack of a better word— preach to it’s audience. However, every episode I find myself unapologetically happy with myself. I find myself sharing this podcast hoping others feel this feeling. Having access to this podcast is one privilege I absolutely refuse to feel guilty for—and boy what a privilege it is!

Experiment six two six
Guilty Privilege

Just finished the first episode (whispers: via YouTube) and I was NOT ready for the conversation to end. So I came on over to the apple podcast streets to subscribe and listen again on my commute to work. While this is not the work I’m exclusively dedicated to, I want to increase awareness around equity so I can be more intentional in my practice personally and professionally. This conversation is an absolute resource that I have the PRIVILEGE (time) to tap into and I look forward to digging into new episodes every week.

Guilty Privilege

Amber has a genuine ability to bring out the authentic aspects of topics that many of us must want to sit down and have a conversation about! Refreshing, compelling and yes, entertaining — can’t wait for each episode to drop and I even feel more equipped to expand on these topics in my own circle!

Guilty Privilege
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