The Secret Life of the Hilarious HypnotistThe Hilarious Hypnotist

The Secret Life of the Hilarious Hypnotist

From nudist resorts to tricked-out golf carts to how a rubber chicken sparked Traci’s“aha” moment in life, in this episode, your Hilarious Hypnotist shares an intimate look into her life. Because believe it or not, it is all real!

So tune in for a rambling, off-the-cuff deep dive into your host's personal life...and then a rabbit hole...and then another rabbit hole...and then back around to who the Hilarious Hypnotist is in a nutshell.


  • Is Traci married with kids?
  • Who are Thelma and Louise?
  • What is the weirdest thing about Traci, according to her?
  • Middle-aged excitements and “suckiness”


“As a comedian, I can make people laugh for an hour. But as a hypnotist, I can make people laugh for a lifetime.”


To learn more about Wings Hypnosis and book a session with her, visit OR follow Traci on:

IG | @wingshypnosis -

YT |

IG | @tracikanaan -

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