The Devaluation of the Running Back PositionThe Sportsclusive Podcast

The Devaluation of the Running Back Position

Running back - a position that used to be a premier role in American football has finally lost its luster. But why?

A topic that’s been trending in the NFL for the last few years, your host shares his take on the death of the running back. From injury and shelf life to abundance to rule changes favoring the offense and quarterback, tune in for this week’s look at the bittersweet evolution of the NFL and the devaluation of the running back.


  • Jumping back in time to the 1957 NFL Draft
  • What are the 3 major factors for the devaluation of running backs?
  • The NFL’s transition to a passing league
  • Are we in the golden age of quarterbacks?


“From 1950 to 2000, 36 of 50 NFL drafts saw running backs get chosen in the top five. So obviously, we fast forward to today, and you'd be lucky if you see a running back taken in the top 15.” - Kenneth

“Tiberius” Clark “The one trick pony thing is going to be done. Guys are going to need to block. You're going to need to receive, and you're gonna need to be able to return kicks and punts.” - Kenneth “Tiberius” Clark


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