Releasing the FEAR when it comes to Money with Shaman Axél AntojaiManifesting Money

Releasing the FEAR when it comes to Money with Shaman Axél Antojai

Many of us stay in a situation because it makes us feel safe. We procrastinate and avoid fear, blocking our own growth and abundance because what we don't realize is that the universe and its power lies directly within us. We just need to take the opportunity and show up!

Tune in as Anita shares day two of her manifesting money workshop, welcoming Shaman Axél Antojai to help us tap into our fear of money. A self-made millionaire, Axél’s mission is to guide others to master their gifts, ascension, and manifestation, modifying centuries-old healing practices for the modern age.

Listen in as Shaman Axél Antojai shows you why fear is simply a lack of clarity and gives you the tools and resources to help reprogram your subconscious mind and attract abundance.


  • How to tune into your fear - Anita’s 5-step process
  • Who is Axél Antojai?
  • Fear is a lack of clarity
  • What is addictive tension? What is your addiction response?
  • “You cannot reach success if failure is in front of you”
  • Abundance is a lifestyle
  • Tricks and tips to reprogram your brain
  • Why you need to treat yourself!
  • Money is not evil - it is energy, flow, and opportunity


“Your money flow is dependent on your perspective.”

“You need to force yourself to buy things you know you can afford regularly, even if you're afraid of where the money will come from, to support your actions. You're playing small. And this is why you cannot grow.”

“There's opportunity to continuously change because money is flow. Flow is change. You have to become the flow, you have to be your persistent change. And that's what's going to open up the doors for you in terms of abundance.”


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This episode resonated most, especially the part about family not really supporting your perspective/way of being. Your content has enlightened and expanded me in more ways than one. Sending you my highest intentions 💫

Manifesting Money

Anita’s energy and teachings are incredible!! So much good information about manifestation. It is more than manifesting money, it is manifesting your dream life. Her guests all bring interesting perspectives. I highly recommend!!

Manifesting Money

I am not even sure how I came upon this podcast but I’ve been listening for the last year and it’s helped me with so many shifts! I have manifested connections, money and even a big move that I am about to make,l. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and I can’t wait to hear more!

Brushed Beauty
Manifesting Money

woke up this morning and decided to start my day off with affirmations/manifestations. i ended up writing a whole page of mainly money manifestations. literally 10 min later i came across the “how to manifest money without working” episode. i had never heard of this podcast prior to listening to the episode but as an aspiring life coach and someone who is always looking for opportunities to expand, im super grateful to have this placed in my path 🙏🏼 the podcast is organized in a very digestible manner, the hosts energy is so enthusiastic and bubbly, and the content was relatable. chefs kisses 😚 🤌🏼

viva marquez
Manifesting Money
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