Refuse Defeat Interview - Your Fakest You with Jessica HurleyRich In Real Life

Refuse Defeat Interview - Your Fakest You with Jessica Hurley

Instead of our usual 15 min Friday, I am sharing a recent interview I was featured on for the Refuse Defeat Podcast. I am sharing this one because I had an opportunity to share some truth about what I consider my biggest failure regarding my business.

We also chat about why I finally started life and online coaching business after contemplating it for 3 years first, dealing with imposted syndrome, and thinking no one would dare consider me an expert in anything.

For those of you looking to start a business or with a great idea but unsure where to start, we also discuss our upcoming mastermind event in a few weeks and why it's a must for those looks to turn that passion into profit!

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So real!

I love how you are so real and authentic. Keep up the great work!

Jillian U
Rich In Real Life

This episode was a TOTAL reality check for myself, very real and very eye opening! Keep doing your thing Jessica, I love your podcast!

Dionna A. Miller
Rich In Real Life

I’ve followed from episode one and the content was amazing then. It’s only continued to improve and expose me to a ton of information I really need. Thanks for such a great show Jess.

Rich In Real Life

What a great podcast! Unique perspectives, well thought out viewpoints and a fantastic cast of people. I am a huge fan! 5 Stars!

Rich In Real Life
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