Reducing Mental Health Stigma — “You Are Enough” with Dr. Lawrence ChattersIn The Margins

Reducing Mental Health Stigma — “You Are Enough” with Dr. Lawrence Chatters

In this episode, Diverse host Ralph Newell sits down with Dr. Lawrence Chatters, executive associate athletic director for Strategic Initiatives at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

Lean in as Chatters discusses reducing the stigma around mental health and his unconventional ways of getting diverse students to support groups, providing them with a comfortable space to recognize other people who are having the same challenges while validating their experience and acknowledging that “they are enough.”

Born with albinism and legally blind, Chatters shares his journey to higher education and how he translates his unique worldview in his work with student-athletes from various backgrounds and their mental health.


  • Dr. Lawrence Chatters’ journey in education and psychology
  • Why has mental health been hidden for so long?
  • Connecting student-athletes with mental health services
  • Unique challenges facing student-athletes today
  • How Dr. Chatters ties together psychology, athletics, and DEI
  • The silver lining of the pandemic and mental health


“You are enough. You have the capability to get yourself through these challenging times. You have the will, the confidence, and the self-esteem. It's all in there. You may just have to discover it.”

“Going to get help doesn't actually make you weak. It actually makes you better.”


Dr. Lawrence Chatters:

“You Are Enough” originally appeared in the January 19, 2023 edition of Diverse magazine.


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Such an amazing platform. So many milestones have been made and so many more to come.

Abigail Santiago
In The Margins

What an amazing podcast! I’ve received so much value from these conversations and experiences. This podcast is shedding light on some very important topics, especially in todays climate. I have been loving every moment! Diverse In The Margins is most definitely worth the listen!

Hannah Momtana
In The Margins

This is an amazing podcast. I am glad you are stepping up and talking about a sensitive topic that is not talked about enough. Thank you for sharing this information. It effects students in higher education and the effects carry over into the workforce when the students graduate. Some students are tainted because there was not enough taught on diversity and the students perspective are skewed.

Precious Rutlin
In The Margins

Such a great approach on the different perspectives surrounding diversity and how it affects all communities! Enjoying each episode!

In The Margins
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