Realigning with Wealth with Nathalie Nicole SmithLive Limitless

Realigning with Wealth with Nathalie Nicole Smith

For the women who know they're meant to make an impact, this episode is for you! Sierra is joined by Nathalie Nicole Smith to talk about her journey to becoming a multi-millionaire who is realigning black people with wealth. She shares her biggest advice on what helped shape her success and reminds people that money is good, but it doesn't do anything for the soul. Doing an audit on yourself and your own happiness is very important for your mental health and to make sure you're staying aligned with that makes your soul happy. Another key takeaway is to focus on your path, don't compare your journey to others, and don't discouraged with the burdens that you have to grow through on your way to blessings. If you're looking for an inspirational story of a successful black woman, this is the perfect podcast for you!

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