PANEL | Leaders Call for Active Resistance Against Anti-DEI Measures at National Action Network (NAN) Annual ConventionIn The Margins

PANEL | Leaders Call for Active Resistance Against Anti-DEI Measures at National Action Network (NAN) Annual Convention

In this episode, we revisit a thought-provoking panel discussion from the National Action Network’s 2024 Convention held April 10-13 in New York City. Led by moderator Dr. Jamal E. Watson, esteemed panelists Kimberlé Crenshaw, Stephanie Ruhle, Dr. Alvin Tillery, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, and Dedrick Asante-Muhammad delve into the profound impact of anti-diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) legislation.

The panelists explore the widespread attack on DEI initiatives across various sectors, including higher education and corporate America. Their discussion on legal challenges, political strategies, and the role of misinformation are dissected highlights an urgent need for proactive action and community organizing. They stress the importance of unity, solidarity, and demanding accountability from institutions and elected officials.

Tune in to gain insights into the ongoing struggle for social justice and discover actionable steps toward meaningful change in today’s polarized landscape.


  • There is a concerted effort to undermine DEI initiatives in education and corporate sectors.
  • Legal challenges against DEI-focused agencies underscore the need for proactive counter-measures.
  • Political strategies aimed at suppressing racial justice movements are contextualized within broader agendas.
  • Misinformation shapes public perception of DEI initiatives, and the importance of countering false narratives.
  • The corporate response to anti-DEI efforts demonstrates the need for accountability and meaningful diversity initiatives.
  • Community organizing and activism is essential in challenging anti-DEI legislation and corporate practices.
  • Calls for collective action and consequences for institutions undermining DEI efforts underscore the urgency of sustained pressure and activism.
  • There is a critical need for unity and solidarity across communities in combating systemic racism and promoting equity.
  • There is a demand for justice with bold advocacy and media coverage.
  • Allies from privileged backgrounds are urged to stand up against attacks on DEI and advocate for truth and justice within their communities.
  • Actionable steps, including organizing and mobilizing against injustices, are essential for progress.


“We have to start from a place of truth and realize those who are attacking DEI are not playing fairly, they're playing dirty. And I'm not saying you have to fight dirty with dirty, but open your eyes and bring a weapon to the fight.” -  Stephanie Ruhle

“His (Martin Luther King Jr.) high intelligence occasioned lethal opposition, because nothing is as dangerous as a Black person with a brain.” - Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

“One of the things we have to recognize is that this is not just an attack on a policy, it's an attack on a people, and that people would be us.” - Kimberlé Crenshaw


Leaders Call for Active Resistance Against Anti-DEI Measures | Diverse: Issues In Higher

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Such a great approach on the different perspectives surrounding diversity and how it affects all communities! Enjoying each episode!

In The Margins

What an amazing podcast! I’ve received so much value from these conversations and experiences. This podcast is shedding light on some very important topics, especially in todays climate. I have been loving every moment! Diverse In The Margins is most definitely worth the listen!

Hannah Momtana
In The Margins

This is an amazing podcast. I am glad you are stepping up and talking about a sensitive topic that is not talked about enough. Thank you for sharing this information. It effects students in higher education and the effects carry over into the workforce when the students graduate. Some students are tainted because there was not enough taught on diversity and the students perspective are skewed.

Precious Rutlin
In The Margins

Such an amazing platform. So many milestones have been made and so many more to come.

Abigail Santiago
In The Margins

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