Meet Jackson State University president, Thomas K. HudsonIn The Margins

Meet Jackson State University president, Thomas K. Hudson

In this episode of In The Margins, we talk with Jackson State University (JSU) president Thomas K. Hudson about his university’s new strategic plan and the critical need for HBCUs in the academic landscape.

Tune in as Hudson shares his unconventional path to the presidency and how he plans to elevate JSU not only in research prominence but in academic distinction, excellence, and student success as well.

Continuing the historic mission of HBCUs, he propels JSU to become part of the solution to the problems facing society today.


  • Thomas Hudson’s journey from JSU student to president
  • Leadership stability as the key to success- Reaching R1 status
  • The highest designation of research in universities
  • The JSU recruitment process and who they are attracting
  • Historical underfunding, deferred maintenance, and the need for investment in HBCUs
  • Balancing JSU’s current mission with the historical mission of HBCUs
  • Finding opportunity in crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic  


“What gets measured gets done, right, and you have to have a measurable goal that you're looking to achieve in order to continue to elevate and get pushed to that successful level.”

“Jackson State is a place that can take you from where you are and make you who you are meant to be. And we want to continue that journey even to today. That's been our story for 144 years and continues to be that.”  


To view President Hudson’s full video message on the JSU Elevate strategic plan, click here.

To view Jackson State University’s strategic plan visit: K. Hudson J.D., twelfth president, Jackson State University:


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I like that the episodes aren’t too long but are still very informative

GMU 2009
In The Margins

Such a great approach on the different perspectives surrounding diversity and how it affects all communities! Enjoying each episode!

In The Margins

What an amazing podcast! I’ve received so much value from these conversations and experiences. This podcast is shedding light on some very important topics, especially in todays climate. I have been loving every moment! Diverse In The Margins is most definitely worth the listen!

Hannah Momtana
In The Margins

Such an amazing platform. So many milestones have been made and so many more to come.

Abigail Santiago
In The Margins
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