Makeup in the FILM Industry with the Founder of The Makeup Artist PlannerManifesting Money

Makeup in the FILM Industry with the Founder of The Makeup Artist Planner

We are thrilled to have special guest and creator of the Makeup Artist Planner, Alisha Baijounas, joining us today in this episode, where we will be diving deep into industry secrets, advice, and so much more! Find out how Alisha turned her passion for makeup into a full blown career, and how she had to let go of the things that were no longer serving her in her pursuit of a career in makeup.

What is it like to create a character through makeup? What are some tips and advice for artists trying to make it out in the makeup industry? What are some of Alisha’s biggest regrets in her career? Tune in to this episode to find out.


  • Alisha’s journey into makeup.
  • Getting started in the makeup industry.
  • The hardest lessons and biggest regrets.
  • How to go about giving rates and asking for payment.
  • Finding something that matches your energy.
  • The process behind creating different makeup looks in different film settings.
  • About the Makeup Artist Planner.


“There's always somebody who has an in. And if you're not getting told no, then you're probably not reaching out enough; you're not getting out of your comfort zone enough and just going for what it is that lights you up.”

“If you're ever over it in this business, it's too many hours and too hard to maintain relationships to have that type of jaded attitude towards it, if that makes sense. It's a very slippery slope, once you start to not really care about what you're doing anymore. So pay attention to that energy all of the time.”


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I’ve been listening to this podcast almost all day everyday this week (just found it) and i’m already seeing such a huge change in my life! I’ve been making more money, and i even feel so much better physically and mentally. I have so much energy and motivation for myself and my OWN life! Thank you thank you thank you!

brjixke buch e
Manifesting Money

I love having access to all this amazing information so I can grow in many areas, especially financially! Thank you Anita! This is great 🥺✨

Manifesting Money

I love this podcast so SO much !! It is helpful and so is Anita’s social media so if you don’t follow her yet … please do! When I feel like my vibration is off I refer to this show and I refer to her social media as well. She is amazing and so is this show !

TNM Mesh
Manifesting Money

I swear I mostly listen to you for your beautiful, bright, and uplifting energy. I am leaning more into action towards your insights but you are my go-to for when I want a feel-good podcast. Thank you for your service and contribution to us all! 🙏💜 Blessing upon blessings to you!!!

Love, the process
Manifesting Money
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