It All Starts In The Mindset - Fame and FortuneA Better Way

It All Starts In The Mindset - Fame and Fortune

What does it take to get a successful business up and running? How does a true visionary lead? In this episode, we invite the masterminds behind the Fame and Fortune brand to share with us their entrepreneurial journey, all the way back to their humble beginnings in a home garage. Find out how it all started and learn about the evolution of the Fame and Fortune brand and the story behind each revamp. They also share the biggest mistakes made and lessons learned from running their business. So tune in now and uncover the true power of mindset and the key behind the success of Fame and Fortune.


  • The story behind the Fame and Fortune brand.
  • Trademarks: The digital real estate.
  • Finding a balance between fame and fortune.
  • The evolution of Fame and Fortune.
  • The key to Fame and Fortune’s success.
  • What’s next for Fame and Fortune?
  • Biggest advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.


“A lot of people don't buy into a company until they buy into the leader.”

“If you think you're gonna accomplish the vision by yourself, then it's not big enough.”


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