He Wasn't a Bust, He Just Wasn't a Great PlayerThe Sportsclusive Podcast

He Wasn't a Bust, He Just Wasn't a Great Player

Welcome to season 2 of The Sportsclusive Podcast!

In today’s episode, your host Kenneth delves deep into sports expectations and the unforgiving label of "bust." He passionately discusses the stories of athletes like Andrew Wiggins, Jadeveon Clowney, and Stephen Strasburg, who, while not living up to their generational hype, proved to be undeniably good players. Kenneth examines these athletes' pressures and the various factors that contributed to their unique journeys. He also highlights how adjusting expectations and appreciating the difference between good and great is crucial when analyzing professional sports careers.

Tune in as Kenneth highlights the journeys of these athletes who rose above the "bust" stereotype to establish themselves as reliable contributors in their sports.


- The concept of "bust" in sports

- Athletes who didn't meet high expectations

- Exploring unrealistic expectations of Basketball player Andrew Wiggins' career

- Jadeveon Clowney's journey from being a top draft pick to a reliable run-stopper

- Baseball pitcher Stephen Strasburg's highly touted start and battles with injuries

- Finding success in dependability: Athletes who overcame great expectations


"If you have something to hang your hat on as a professional player, no matter where you're drafted, you are successful in my opinion." — Kenneth Tiberius Clark

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