Harness Your Privilege: Actionable Tactics for Influencing Others & Sparking ChangeGuilty Privilege

Harness Your Privilege: Actionable Tactics for Influencing Others & Sparking Change

Have you ever experienced not having the privilege to make a decision but still wanting to influence change? Or perhaps you’re actually the person with the privilege but are unaware of it? In this episode, your host Amber delves into the complex dynamics of finding awareness and taking responsibility for your privilege, and how to leverage your privilege and the privilege of others to inspire change.

Amber provides practical strategies and recommended sentences to navigate these scenarios with grace and impact. With her practical advice and examples, discover how to leverage your privilege for positive change and handle challenging situations effectively. By being mindful of your approach and utilizing the tools provided, you can navigate privilege and responsibility effectively. Learn more on this episode to help you recognize and use your privilege to advocate for others.


  • On understanding and identifying privilege in different scenarios
  • Strategies for influencing change when not in a position of power
  • Recognizing the impact of privilege on decision-making processes
  • The importance of using tone and word choice effectively
  • How building connections and relationships to leverage positive change
  • On the pivotal role of embracing discomfort and growth
  • Tools to help figure out how to prompt some action around privilege


“There are times you should have the privilege in a space and you don't. Sometimes it comes down to just what container you happen to live in.”  — Amber Cabral

“An apology has two parts. The first part of an apology is, I apologize for. The second part is moving forward, I will. “I apologize for my approach in this conversation. Moving forward, I'll be more thoughtful about how I frame things when I'm talking to you about this.” — Amber Cabral

“The key is to always recognize that you have something.”  — Amber Cabral

Amber Cabral

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Allies and Advocates: Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Culture

Say More About That: ...And Other Ways to Speak Up, Push Back, and Advocate for Yourself and Others -

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Wow! I couldn’t get enough of this. Wished it were longer. The conversation is real, authentic and can absolutely be life changing if you soak the info in. Just finished listening to the episode with Tieko Nejon on emotional intelligence and Amber asked the best questions. Tieko answered so thoughtfully and broke it allll the way down for us. Kudos to both of you. I am sharing this podcast with so many people.

Guilty Privilege

This podcast provides a path to self-awareness in the most refreshing and engaging way. The conversations are so yummy (yes, yummy!) and they make me feel like I’m sitting on the sofa with Amber and her guests.

Guilty Privilege

I took away so much from this episode. The biggest is recognizing our true enemy. Also, equity is about choices. We have them and we can choose how to use our privilege.

Alaina Doyle
Guilty Privilege

Amber has a genuine ability to bring out the authentic aspects of topics that many of us must want to sit down and have a conversation about! Refreshing, compelling and yes, entertaining — can’t wait for each episode to drop and I even feel more equipped to expand on these topics in my own circle!

Guilty Privilege
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