From Hip-Hop to Healing! (Headkrack's YUMMY Evolution)The YUMMY Podcast

From Hip-Hop to Healing! (Headkrack's YUMMY Evolution)

Get ready for a super enlightening episode as Crystal Khalil & Dr. Nicole LaBeach are joined by none other than Headkrack. He's not just about music and comedy – he's also got some fascinating experiences to share, like his recent dive into "ayahuasca", which led to some powerful personal growth and spiritual awakening moments. He's got some real gems to share too about how self-affirmations, meditation, and investing in yourself can help you break free. He also talks about the importance of trusting your gut and surrounding yourself with the right folks. Headkrack's big goal? To be a force for good in people's lives and leave a legacy just like his own role models did for him.

So, get comfy and join us for this heart-to-heart chat that'll give you a closer look at his deep commitment to self-improvement, his rock-solid values, and his burning desire to make a positive impact on the world.



-Do not be too hard on yourself when things go wrong

-Step outside your comfort zone and face challenges that come your way head-on

-Spend time in nature to your balance and well-being

-Explore your personal creativity and growth

-Be true to yourself and embrace authenticity

-There's always room for peace, positivity and love for a healthy competition

-Don't stay in a comfortable but unfulfilling situation for the sake of security

-Understand the power of your words and thoughts in shaping your reality

-Focus on leaving a positive legacy by making a difference in people's lives



"The only time I've ever failed at something is because I didn't listen to me." - Headkrack


"Every time I tried to lift my wings, I would bump up against the side of the cage, and I'm like, 'Okay, I'm an eagle stuck in a fence cage'." -Crystal Khalil


"And it was like I heard God say, The door has been opened." - Crystal Khalil



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Sooo authentic!!!!

Amiyra King
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