From Hard Work to Smart Work: Unlearning the Grind Culture with Grammy Award-Winner Lecrae MooreWealth Within Reach

From Hard Work to Smart Work: Unlearning the Grind Culture with Grammy Award-Winner Lecrae Moore

In this episode, Grammy Award-winning artist Lecrae Moore joins us for an insightful discussion on redefining success and building wealth beyond the conventional way.

Tune in as Lecrae breaks stereotypes within the black community and redefines mindsets around rest, relationships, and wealth-building. Together, we exchange insights on entrepreneurship, business etiquette, repreasentation, teamwork, and so much more. Lecrae's wisdom resonates throughout this conversation, reminding us that true success is not measured by busyness or financial gains alone, but by the meaningful connections we foster and the positive impact we create in our communities.

So join me in this empowering conversation and discover how to make your money work for you while prioritizing your time, relationships, and personal growth.


  • Breaking stereotypes in the Black community
  • The pivotal role of having rest
  • On having a mindset shift towards wealth-building
  • How to make money work for you
  • The importance of education and using the right tools to achieve success
  • On prioritizing time and relationships to create a fulfilling life
  • Money as a tool for building value in the community, not as an end goal
  • On entrepreneurship, business etiquette, and representation
  • The value of teamwork and taking risks


“Busy does not equal success. Busyness is not the same as productivity. It doesn't equal success.” — Lecrae

“Time and relationships are really what matters to us. We're trying to get money so that we can experience more relationships and more time, right? Don't sacrifice one for the other.” — Lecrae


Lecrae Moore

IG | @lecrae

X | @lecrae

LinkedIn | @lecraemoore


Erika Brown

IG: @erikabrowninvestor

LinkedIn: @erika brown

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Perfect for anyone who wants to go beyond the Status Quo and achieve generational wealth for their family. The stories are relatable and makes me feel like if they can do it, so can I !

DJ Reel Chill
Wealth Within Reach

I love that Erika has taken a topic so many have felt is beyond their reach and made it easy and actionable. She has such an infectious way of engaging with those around her. I can’t wait to hear more episodes!

Wealth Within Reach
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