Flashback to the Breakroom Breakdown Vol 7 with Ron Harrod Jr. aka Ronnie SportsThe Sportsclusive Podcast

Flashback to the Breakroom Breakdown Vol 7 with Ron Harrod Jr. aka Ronnie Sports

In today’s episode, we’re going back in time to do a flashback to the Breakroom Breakdown!

Meet Ron Harrod Jr. — also known as ‘Ronnie Sports’ is a seasoned sports journalist, formerly with the Roanoke Times in Virginia, and covered a range of sports, including high school athletics and college sports like Virginia Tech. He earned his bachelor's degree in sports administration from Radford University in Virginia and obtained a prestigious master's degree in journalism from Columbia University. He also has experience at Sports Injury Central in San Diego and also does freelance contributions to SB Nation.

Kenneth and Ron’s conversation delves into his insights into journalism, his path to the field, and the significance of finding a niche. Ron underscores the critical importance of not only discovering a specialized area of expertise but also continually honing one's craft. Together, they emphasize the crucial role of self-improvement, serving as a powerful reminder for honing personal and professional growth.

So get in the game of enlightening conversation (and note-taking) of sports journalism with Ronnie in this throwback episode today!


  • Ron’s journey towards journalism as a career path and his experiences
  • How Ron discovered his passion for sports journalism
  • The importance of finding a niche or area of expertise
  • On podcast creation, brand growth, and social media engagement.
  • Ron’s favorite show: The Herd with Colin Cowherd
  • How social media can influence career opportunities
  • The importance of being a multifaceted individual and knowing your craft


“There's so many journalists when you get in it. You meet so many people … I have five mentors or so. It's easy to meet people but you just have to get in there. ” — Ron Harrod Jr.

“For those of us that love writing, for those of us that love news, and for those of us that love sports, there's a place for us in that field — in that wheelhouse. ” — Kenneth “Tiberius” Clark


Ron Harrod Jr.

IG - @Ronharrodjr


Follow Kenneth on social media!

IG - @tiberius519

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