Flashback to the Breakroom Breakdown VOL 5 w/ Veejay VernonThe Sportsclusive Podcast

Flashback to the Breakroom Breakdown VOL 5 w/ Veejay Vernon

Welcome back to the Flashback to the Breakroom Breakdown!

If you're looking to up your betting game or enjoy an engaging conversation about sports, this episode is a must-listen!

Meet Veejay Vernon — CEO of Huskey Entertainment LLC and the man behind VESN SPORTS, a live sports talk show focusing on NFL, NBA, and MLB News. Veejay also shares his successful NFL betting journey during the playoffs adding a layer of excitement and credibility to our conversation. You will also gain valuable insights from doing moneyline betting in sports, explaining it as betting on a team to win without a spread.

Dive into intriguing topics like NFL players and awards, as well as Kenneth & Veejay sharing their predictions on wildcard teams and potential MVP players. Stay tuned until the end of this throwback episode, and let’s break down the sports betting with Veejay and Kenneth today!


Veejay’s journey to starting sports betting platform

What is juice in sports betting?

Terminologies, strategies, and tips in sports betting

Veejay’s favorites: Prop bets

The evolution of prop betting with an app

Veejay’s successful NFL betting during the playoffs

How Detroit Lions can still win despite losing streak

On NFL players and awards

Predictions on athletes: Wildcard teams & MVP players

Veejay’s upcoming radio show


“Baseball — I like prop bets more. You make more money on prop bets in baseball.”  – Veejay Vernon


Veejay Vernon

IG - @thebigvanillafunny

YouTube - VESN Sports

Follow Kenneth on social media!

IG - @tiberius519

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