Build Your Millionaire Mindset with Kathleen CameronManifesting Money

Build Your Millionaire Mindset with Kathleen Cameron

In this episode, we invite the Founder of Millionaire Academy, Kathleen Cameron, to share some valuable gems about manifestation with us.

Tune in as Anita takes a deep dive into the heart and mind that Kathleen works through in this insightful Q&A session.

So be sure to grab a pen and paper because you are going to uncover some useful tools to jumpstart or elevate your manifestation journey!


  • How to deal with negative emotions or low vibrations.
  • The key to building strong habits.
  • Sacrifices you make as an entrepreneur.
  • What is the number one myth about manifestation?
  • The Millionaire Academy and its programs.
  • How to make money show up for you


“When we start living from within, we stop living from without.”

“Anything is true if you believe it's true."

“One of the most powerful things that you can do is to be around people that are on a similar journey to you. Because we want to be on the collaborative plane, you do not want to be on the competitive plane.”


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This episode was amazing so raw & real. The energy was on fire!

Manifesting Money

I’ve been listening to this podcast almost all day everyday this week (just found it) and i’m already seeing such a huge change in my life! I’ve been making more money, and i even feel so much better physically and mentally. I have so much energy and motivation for myself and my OWN life! Thank you thank you thank you!

brjixke buch e
Manifesting Money

Helloooo Anita! I am starting at square one with your podcast! I didn’t want to skip around I thought it would be important to see the background on how you got to where you are now with speaking on money manifestation! I saw your TickTock at the perfect time for trying to get into this mindset of attracting what I want in my life. spinning on the hamster wheel of a lack This particular episode absolutely made me cry with how all of the pieces came together simply from you thinking it and then being it! I was listening to this episode in the car on the way to work and I look up and the license plate in front of me in the left lane started with 111! I am a firm believer in angel #s and truly feel that I am listening to your experiences with attracting what you want into your life at the absolute perfect time for my life! Thank you for sharing this!!!

ruby blush
Manifesting Money

Grateful to have found this podcast as I'm convinced that the job I was in and hated was eliminated so I could find what's right for me and learn how to make money in a fulfilling waywhere I'm serving others using my greatest strengths!

Manifesting Money
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