Breaking the Ice: The Growing Black Presence in HockeyThe Sportsclusive Podcast

Breaking the Ice: The Growing Black Presence in Hockey

In today’s episode, host Kenneth takes us on a journey through his Midwest tour, focusing on a game-changing Blackhawks experience in Chicago. This discussion explores the remarkable diversity within the hockey audience, defying conventional stereotypes with the representation of Black people, among others.

Kenneth also explores inclusivity efforts by organizations like the Black Girl Hockey Club and the Hockey Diversity Alliance, breaking down barriers for underrepresented communities. With historical insights and current stats, Kenneth emphasizes the power of representation in shaping hockey's story.

Join in this conversation that celebrates progress, challenges stereotypes, and embraces the inclusive future of this evolving sport with Kenneth today. Tune in.


  • Kenneth’s unexpected discoveries in the Chicago Blackhawks game
  • How diverse and inclusive hockey is as a sport
  • Various hockey programs for underrepresented communities
  • The historical connection between black communities and hockey
  • Representation matters: The increase of NHL’s Black players
  • Kenneth’s passion for hockey, encourages others to try the sport
  • Check out the Black Girl Hockey Club & Hockey Diversity Alliance!


“Why do you think that black people are starting to like hockey? And I keep it simple with them—Representation. If we look at the NHL, over the past five to 10 years, the amount of black players [has] increased substantially.” — Kenneth “Tiberius” Clark

“I want you to know that it's okay to take up space in this predominantly white sport. Because like I say, we look into the catacombs of hockey. We are a part of its history. And based on how things are going and the direction we're headed, we're a part of its bright future as well.” — Kenneth “Tiberius” Clark


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