Boundaries, Feedback, Abundance: How to Navigate & Stand In Your Privilege with Jessica HurleyGuilty Privilege

Boundaries, Feedback, Abundance: How to Navigate & Stand In Your Privilege with Jessica Hurley

Welcome back to Guilty Privilege. In this episode, Amber is joined by the visionary co-founder behind EPYC Media Network and host of the Rich In Real Life podcast, Jessica Hurley.

Join Amber and Jessica as they delve into personal growth and professional development, the crucial significance of setting boundaries, and mastering the art of saying "no" to safeguard your well-being and attract more abundance. Both also emphasize the acceptance of imperfections and moments of unhappiness as catalysts for progress and highlight the power of feedback in nurturing personal and professional advancement as they exchange insights and actionable tips on delivering constructive feedback with empathy and support.

Join Jessica and Amber as they delve into becoming a better individual by fostering awareness, building meaningful connections with others, and recognizing the unseen aspects of life.


  • On learning to say “no” and set boundaries
  • Difference between discomfort and misalignment in personal growth
  • Common challenges of high achievers
  • On embracing imperfection and unhappiness in life
  • The importance of feedback in personal and professional growth
  • Ways to give constructive feedback in a supportive manner
  • The value of awareness and connection in building multicultural relationships
  • Privilege and stereotypes in various environments


“This is a circumstance where I am putting myself in a position to evolve or am I being eroded. Like this is one or the other… because evolution is uncomfortable.” – Amber Cabral

“You don't have to sacrifice yourself to get the thing that you want. But you need to be clear about the thing that you want.” – Jessica Hurley

“My biggest thing about giving feedback is the same as it is with like showing up as an ally or building relationships. I think you need to be able to read the room. And some people are better at it than others, but you can grow in that space by practicing it.” – Amber Cabral


Jessica Hurley

IG | @jessicahurley__

Amber Cabral

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LinkedIn | @ambercabral

Facebook | @amber.cabral

Twitter | @BamCabral

Watch Amber’s TED TALK episode here.

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Allies and Advocates: Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Culture

Say More About That: ...And Other Ways to Speak Up, Push Back, and Advocate for Yourself and Others -

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This podcast provides a path to self-awareness in the most refreshing and engaging way. The conversations are so yummy (yes, yummy!) and they make me feel like I’m sitting on the sofa with Amber and her guests.

Guilty Privilege

I took away so much from this episode. The biggest is recognizing our true enemy. Also, equity is about choices. We have them and we can choose how to use our privilege.

Alaina Doyle
Guilty Privilege

Just finished the first episode (whispers: via YouTube) and I was NOT ready for the conversation to end. So I came on over to the apple podcast streets to subscribe and listen again on my commute to work. While this is not the work I’m exclusively dedicated to, I want to increase awareness around equity so I can be more intentional in my practice personally and professionally. This conversation is an absolute resource that I have the PRIVILEGE (time) to tap into and I look forward to digging into new episodes every week.

Guilty Privilege

Wow! I couldn’t get enough of this. Wished it were longer. The conversation is real, authentic and can absolutely be life changing if you soak the info in. Just finished listening to the episode with Tieko Nejon on emotional intelligence and Amber asked the best questions. Tieko answered so thoughtfully and broke it allll the way down for us. Kudos to both of you. I am sharing this podcast with so many people.

Guilty Privilege
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