Beyond the Spicy Tweets: Brian Brackeen's Tech Odyssey from Philly to Lightship CapitalSo Ambitious

Beyond the Spicy Tweets: Brian Brackeen's Tech Odyssey from Philly to Lightship Capital

Although notoriously known as the King of Spicy Tweets, Brian Brackeen, seasoned entrepreneur and General Partner at Lightship Capital, has built a track record of raising billions in support of Black businesses and entrepreneurs, making waves that resonate far beyond the confines of 280 characters.

In this interview, Brian Brackeen provides an intimate look into his journey as he recounts the pivotal moment of his removal as CEO, offering profound insights into the distinctive challenges encountered by Black founders. Brian also discusses the crucial theme of legal preparedness, stressing the importance of contracts and protections for founders, especially those from underrepresented communities, to fortify themselves against unjust removals from their own ventures.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration, legal wisdom, and a deeper understanding of the journey toward a more equitable tech industry. Tune in for a dynamic exploration of Brian Brackeen's remarkable journey and his impactful contributions to the tech and startup ecosystem.


  • (1:21) - Brian’s role at Lightship Capital and his journey from Philly to Apple and IBM
  • (4:05) - Brian on his move to the Miami startup ecosystem for venture capital raising
  • (8:33) - Starting Kairos: how it shifted from a time clock company to facial recognition technology
  • (10:03) - How to best structure a board and fortify yourself as a founder
  • (12:10) - Brian on the day of his removal from the Kairos board
  • (14:13) - Bridging disparities in legal preparation, transparency, and support for Black founders
  • (17:29) - Fostering transparency and shedding light on inappropriate board removals
  • (19:41) - Brian on the privilege of having safety nets for white vs minority founders
  • (21:32) - The origins of Black Tech Week in providing opportunities & resources for Black entrepreneurs
  • (25:03) - The origin story of Candice & Brian Brackeen and 6 years of building their legacy
  • (27:55) - Creating visibility & opportunities, and featuring the stories of Black founders through Black Tech Week
  • (31:42) - What’s next for Brian Brackeen and Black Tech Week?


“One of the problems of venture and startups in general is that it's highly designed for the young white male founder.” - Brian Brackeen

“Unfortunately, one of the worst parts of my job is I probably take between 8 and 12 calls a year, every year, from a founder who has been inappropriately removed asking me for my help.” - Brian Brackeen


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Just finished the first two episodes of the So Ambitious Podcast Season 2 and I'm absolutely blown away! It’s rare to hear the raw, unfiltered stories of entrepreneurs, but this podcast dives deep into the emotional rollercoaster of building a business.

Each guest’s journey is a testament to resilience, passion, and the relentless pursuit of dreams. From teary setbacks to exhilarating breakthroughs, their stories are not just inspiring, they're life-changing.

Listening to the So Ambitious Podcast has redefined my understanding of success. It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the courage, the struggles, and the unwavering spirit to keep pushing forward.

If you’re looking for genuine inspiration and lessons that textbooks don’t teach, this podcast is a goldmine. Can’t recommend it enough! #SoAmbitiousPodcast #EntrepreneurLife #TrueStories #MustListen #InspiredDaily"

So Ambitious

As an entrepreneur and investor, this podcast is truly inspiring and motivating. I enjoyed the thought-provoking conversations that include golden nuggets of information that I’ve paid thousands for at conferences and mentoring. It’s also beneficial for entrepreneurs at every stage. Given that I’ve been in the game for 5 years now, I was able to connect with the messaging in both a practical and social manner. This is a must for anyone who truly desires growth-minded dialogue that’s motivating and informative all in one. We needed this.

The Hungry Black Man
So Ambitious

If you are stuck in your own mindset and looking for a way to get your business or to just get up and go after your God given genius inside of you then you must listen to this podcast. Don’t just listen but you must apply your wisdom to what you heard. Listen up and get uplifted. Excited for more episodes. Dr. Powell

So Ambitious

God said.

Where there’s 2 or more in a place that comes together.

They Can; move mountains.

I love what So Ambitious is doing as an black structure business model, for helping others in the community of achievement.

Makes me feel proud; in the direction of others to achieve successful business objectives and goals for the people of the communities

So Ambitious
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