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Welcome back to another Best Of Series - This one is a personal fave because we’ll be tackling all things productivity!

I’m going to share some actionable steps you can take to structure your time more effectively and create better successful habits. I’m also revealing some powerful mindset shifts that you can start implementing today such as shedding outdated beliefs & habits that are slowing you down, as well as redefining what success actually looks like for you and your business.

You don’t have to be hustling your face off to reach your business goals - these tips are going to help create more alignment, flow and ease in your business, so tune in to this productivity Best Of episode, and let’s fast-track your way to better results in less time!

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  • Success is defined individually, not just external achievements [00:36]
  • Stand out by avoiding extremes, and embracing a balanced approach [04:53]
  • Break the habit of caring about others' opinions, focus on what matters to you [10:36]
  • Prioritize your schedule to avoid overloading yourself [15:43]
  • Share personal experiences of chasing external achievements [20:11]
  • Action brings clarity, confidence, and positive outcomes, boosting your self-esteem [26:33]
  • Letting go of baggage enhances self-awareness and fuels success [27:39]


"The world gives you who you are. It's not about the law of attraction or the law of hard work to make money. It's also about the law of resonance." -Julie Solomon

"Do the habits of who you are right now reflect the leader that you say you want to be?" -Julie Solomon


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