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Analytics in Professional Sports

The use of analytics in sports has grown substantially in the past 20 to 30 years, and we’ve seen it implemented in different organizations with success. It is undoubtedly a valuable tool and has added a cerebral approach to professional sports. But at the same time, a dark cloud is starting to hover over analytics and competitive sports. Is it really helping or hurting us? And are we starting to lose the essence of sports we enjoy to play and watch?


  • The pros and cons of analytics in sports
  • Cautionary tales on becoming too dependent on analytics
  • Why have analytics become so popular?


“I think because they're masters of their craft, they understand that it is the small details. It is the nuances of football, of the game, that really makes a difference, not advanced data that's plugged into a computer.” - Kenneth "Tiberius" Clark

“Analytics should be a tool. It's a tool at best, but it should never be more than that.” - Kenneth "Tiberius" Clark


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