America's version of No Child Left BehindThe Millennial Party

America's version of No Child Left Behind

Millennials are out here taking over, but the truth is, we don’t know shit. That’s where the Millenial Party Podcast comes in! It’s time to come into the light so you can start making more money than you’re making, creating the laws you abide by every single day, and get a grip on the politics of today.

So tune in, break free from the Ponzi scheme we call the American dream, and join the Millenial Party today!


  • Why “No Child Left Behind” is a double entendre
  • Is our education system based on indoctrination?
  • The consequences of schools funded by property taxes
  • How you are being robbed every day!


“So, at first, I was kind of bewildered. I was like, oh, education is not what I thought it was. And then the older I got, the more I realized, shit, this is intentional though. They don't want you to be smart out here.”


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Wow! This is immense shown! So professional guide by great talent Millennial generation!

LL sarasota
The Millennial Party

Entertaining • Brutally Honest • all the Facts ~ can’t wait to learn more!

The Millennial Party

Love all the valid points and topics that we must discuss now a days. Thank you for having the courage to speak out and share. Can’t wait for the next episode !!!!

Jen Perez
The Millennial Party
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